CLJazz Course July 2022

Jazz, Improvisation and
Summer Holiday July 2022

Our 2022 jazz, improvisation and song writing summer holiday will be taking place at Caer Llan house from the evening of Sunday 24th July to the morning of Friday 29th July 2022. The holiday will include structured morning and early evening sessions with afternoons free for playing, walking, relaxing in the grounds or enjoying the open-air pool. During the week there will be plenty of opportunities to play and perform at a barbeque, bar session, end of term concert and during evening jam sessions. On the final evening there will be an end of course cabaret. 

The cost, which includes full board from the Sunday evening to Friday breakfast, is £499 (£250 for children under 14). Children and non-players are welcome. 

This year, we will run three main groups: a jazz workshop, an improvising workshop and a song writing/improvisation workshop. Our experienced tutors are adept at working with their groups to accommodate different instruments, levels and interests. We try to ensure that groups have a balanced cohort of players, e.g. a rhythm section, where needed.  

Our 2022 Summer Holiday Tutors 

Jilly Jarman
(Songwriting & Improvisation Workshop)

I am a jazz singer and pianist, composer and improviser. I live in Penrith and am founder and director of BlueJam Arts. I run a network of Improv Choirs across the North and Scotland and have a jazz/improvised/electronic band called BONES. I love collaborating and am gradually publishing some of my recordings with Sarah Wallcook, Geoff Bartholomew, Paul Froggat, Gail Bashall and others, on Bandcamp. I also love creating visual art, sometimes while singing! You can see some of what I do on I also lead a samba band, ‘Her Jazz’ programme, gamelan group and run weekly online jazz practice sessions for instrumentalists and singers as well as online individual lessons for jazz singers wanting to learn to accompany themselves on the piano.
I have been teaching at CLJazz almost since the beginning and love the mix of jazz and laughter. (and the pool!)
This workshop is suitable for any instrumentalist or singer (I know my way round most instruments so can sort out keys, ranges, arrangements etc.) of any standard. There will be some really experienced musicians in the group and some beginners and we have ways to make it interesting and enjoyable for everyone.
This is a hands-on workshop, so lots of playing and experimenting, swopping ideas and trying things out.

Richard Everitt
(Jazz workshop)

I am based in Leicester and play the saxophone and piano. I mostly play in small jazz groups, but also arrange for my projects Mulligan Stew and the Not So Big Band. I perform regularly at Regent Jazz, where I also organise the monthly jam session. Since 2016 I have been lead composer for the Leicester Cosmopolitan Carnival finale performances.

I run the Jazz Performance Course at Attenborough Arts, and have been a tutor at CL Jazz for some years.

In the groups I run my main focus is to get the group to play well together, and provide a supportive environment. As we work on our tunes we consider how, as individual players and as a group, we can perform better within orthodox performance conventions.

I try to choose a varied mix of material for us to work on. This will include compositions by jazz musicians or from the American Song Book, plus material from outside the standard repertoire.

Geoff Bartholomew (Improvising Workshop)

I’m a Cumbrian-based musician and my main instrument is the trumpet. I love to improvise and often explore other instruments, and voice, in my practice. I use Samplr, delay pedal, and some other bits and bobs when I’m playing and creating on my own or with other people. 

I come from a background of classical music, playing in wind bands and youth orchestras, and then discovered jazz as a teenager. I went on to study jazz and got a degree in it from Middlesex University, where I was lucky enough to study with some fantastic musicians (Nikki Iles, Chris Batchelor, Nick Smart) and made some great musical friends. After I left, I got really into earlier styles of jazz (ragtime, hot jazz) and played in several great 1920-40’s bands (Alex Mendham Orchestra, The Top Shelf Band, Albert Ball’s Flying Aces), and alongside some exemplary musicians – Ewan Bleach, Peter Rudeforth, Martin Wheatley, Colin Good. 

Free improvisation was always something that I was interested in as I studied more traditional, changes-based jazz, and those experiences stood me in good stead as I discovered the world of Music Therapy. Music Therapy is a clinical, psychological intervention and often uses improvisation in the same way that psychoanalysis uses free association – as a route into the unconscious – so we practised a lot in our training! We got to know each other in a very deep and different way through improvising together. 

At Caer Llan this Summer I would like to explore several different approaches to improvisation, from totally free, to improvising freely around harmonic landscapes and melodic signposts, around grooves and rhythmic cycles, and through games, exercises and pieces. We’ll look at concepts connected to Music Therapy improvisation as well as the Community Music approach, and ideas from musicians such as Don Cherry, John Hassell, Ornette Coleman and others. We will be able to incorporate movement, visual art and writing into our practice. I’d love to get to know you through our shared music and improvisation, and hopefully help support your development as an improviser. 

For more information or to book a place, please contact Laura/Jenny at